Last winter, we began the construction of a vineyard on the estate of Can Gelat, Mallorca Luxury Villas. After a period of thorough preliminary research, a master plan was drawn up, and phase 1 of the vineyard has since been realised. As wine lovers and viticulturists in training, we have thought carefully about the choice of grape varieties that we will grow on Can Gelat. The terroir of Can Gelat consists of calcareous clay and various beautiful sun-facing positions on sloping hills. These provide the optimal opportunity for producing white and red wines. We have opted for a higher plant density to increase the competition between the vines and to facilitate a stricter selection. We will focus on a low yield per vine in order to produce concentrated wines with complex aromas. These aromas, combined with the freshness provided by the calcareous clay, will result in the perfect wine to enjoy in the summer setting of Mallorca. It was an easy decision to choose for local grape varieties, those that understand the soil and climate of Mallorca as no other. These varieties feature smaller grapes with a thicker skin that ripen late in the season, in order to be resistant to the warm weather conditions.

The soil samples supported the choice for the local varieties Callet and Mantonegro. These varieties are perfect for a mono-cepage or as a blend for red and rosé. Giro Blanc is a most promising variety that has been planted to produce a beautiful glass of white wine. Our team collaborates with the renowned Mallorcan wine company Es Verger, and Professor Hipolito Medrano from the University of Palma, to take care of the development of the vineyard. The realisation of phase 2 is scheduled for this winter, and like phase 1, extensive attention has been paid to landscaping. The vineyard will be planted in a natural symbiosis on the beautiful estate of Can Gelat.